Our Leadership and Management Team

The Principal and The Board

Hilliard Christian School is blessed to have a Principal and Board that provide innovative and wise leadership of the school. 

The Board is overseeing considerable growth and development at Hilliard. Through responsible, considered and prayerful wisdom, they provide the strategic support our Principal needs to see Hilliard Christian School meet the challenges of 21st Century education.

Mrs Elizabeth Chaplin, our Principal, is an innovative and insightful leader. Mrs Chaplin is leading a capable team of leaders and staff to see Hilliard grow and develop into a modern, adaptive Kinder to Year 12 school. Mrs Chaplin chairs the steering committee and is leading the implementation of Year s 11 and 12.

Elizabeth Chaplin


Elizabeth Chaplin - Principal

Educational Consultant

To support our staff team, we privileged to have Dr Julie Rimes. Dr Rimes is an accomplished and experienced educator and educational leader.