Schedule of Fees and Payment Details

2019 Fee Schedule

Annual Tuition Fee
Annual Tuition Fee
Annual Tuition Fee
High School

Current Fee Schedule
to be charged in 2019

($538 per term)

($589.50 per term)

($847.50 per term)

Stationery Levy

Stationery Levy
Stationery Levy
Stationery Levy
High School

Current Stationery
Levy charged in 2019

$62 per year

$82 per year

$115 per year

Family Discount

1st Student2nd Student3rd Student4th Student5th Student
Full Fee10%20%30%40%

Extra payments that may be payable through the year include: Bus, School photos, Uniforms, School Camps and Year Books. 

In 2019 some of the elective subjects may be charged a levy to cover special projects and activities. 

Prompt Payment Discount 
A prompt payment discount of 3% is available if the tuition fee is paid in full by the due date. 

Sponsorship and Scholarships 
Please contact the school and arrange to see the Principal. 

Fee Remissions or Student Assistance 
To be eligible for fee assistance your combined gross family income needs to be below $51,800. Fee assistance will reduce the tuition fee by 25%. Please contact the office for the application forms. 

If you are facing financial hardship you are encouraged to speak to the Principal directly to discuss ways the school can assist you. 

Billing and Payment Methods 
The tuition fee is billed at the once per school term. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments can be arranged by direct debit or centrepay so as to clear the account by the end of November each year. 

Overdue Fee Procedure 
If you are having difficulties with paying your fees please contact us to negotiate new payment plan. 

If we have not had contact a letter will be sent and phone calls made as a reminder. Accounts left unpaid without contact from the responsible person the debt may be handed to a Collection Agency. 

‚Äč2019 Bus Fee Schedule

The school has three buses, which provide transport to school and return to home areas for parents who find it difficult to transport their own children. The buses cannot transport all children. Any student who lives within 1 km (primary) and 2km (high school) of the school will not be expected to travel on the bus service unless there are special circumstances. 

The school attempts to set the bus run such that no child is picked up earlier than 7:30am and returned to the designated drop off place by 4:30pm. 

Students who travel by bus are expected to abide by the Code of Behaviour that is reviewed at the start of the year with the students. 

Bus runs are set at the start of a year and can be modified when needs arise. Specific needs of students and families are taken into consideration and reasonable requests will be implemented. The bus drivers in consultation with the Principal will make decisions on bus pick up and drop off spots. General school runs and matters of dispute will be taken to the Principal. Decisions will be made on the basis of need, reasonable cost and time effectiveness. 

Please note not all requests will be able to be implemented. 

Current Bus FeePer TripPer TermFull Year
Schedule for 2019$2$200$800

Fee Schedule 2019