Why Design & Technologies?

The Design and Technologies Department is committed to providing students with opportunities to engage in innovative practical design activities utilising both traditional and modern technologies. Students are encouraged to explore past and present design styles and seek opportunities to design products that will improve the lives of people.

Students engage in design projects that are challenging and fun. 

Each unit provides students with a range of experiences to develop their understanding and skills. The use of industrial equipment in the realisation of projects enables students to better appreciate processes used in industry and provides them with a more authentic learning experience. In addition, these subjects engage students in a range of learning experiences that are transferable to family and home, constructive leisure activities, community contribution and the world of work.

Mr. Alex McAndrew & Mrs. Katy Matteo
Design and Technologies Teachers

Design & Technology students are offered a wide range of experiences which include:

  • Furniture Making
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Textiles Fashion
  • Food and Fibre Production
  • Computer Aided Drawing

There are three subjects which are offered to students under Design and Technologies:

Design and Technologies (Materials)

This course concentrates on the design process and offers students the opportunity to work with various materials focusing on wood, metal and plastics. Students work to develop solutions to problems based on identified needs and opportunities. There will be a focus on construction processes and finishing techniques with an emphasis on workshop safety. 

Design and Technologies (Food and Textiles)

 In this course students will have the opportunity to practice and refine their skills in the kitchen.  They will learn a variety of new skills in cooking both sweet and savoury foods. In addition, students will examine hygiene, safety, nutrition and planning as part of the course.  At times during the course students will be required to collaborate in teams on various tasks and will demonstrate their abilities in design folios. 

Design and Technologies (Industrial Technology) (Year 9/10 Elective)

This subject provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of selected industries and its related technologies. Through a process of observing and analysing industry practice and through personal practical experiences, students develop a broad range of skills and knowledge related to the industry. The class highlights the importance of design, management and production through the production of practical projects.